Find my stolen diamond before it's lost forever!
You will need a pen, paper, scissors and internet access to play.
Good Luck!

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Thanks for the game! It was good! We just had a little trouble in the notes because we're not familiar to the roads. 
It would be much easier if you would have added maps! 

Thanks again!

P.S. - We ran out of time! Hehe😂😁
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I ran out of time as well dealing with the maps online.  However it was a different concept and fun!
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Thanx so much for all the amazing feedback. I have edited the mission slightly due to your recommendations. This is the first escape mission I have ever made, and so really appreciate the feedback and guidance!
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This one was really hard.  The last clue was fun and we were able to figure that one out!
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Ivo Bühler 

thank you for the riddle

Phase 1 was cool.
phase 2, we missed a hint after we wrote the letters.
phase 3, too hard on google maps
phase 4 quite Fun, we liked that.

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