Victor Akamine
Your team decided to enter an Temple and find the treasure,when you found it you removed it from the wall and....EVERYHTING STARTED TO SHAKE and you saw a message that says "You will die in a few minutes,never...never..NEVER try to steal my treasure again!
When you're ready,put this code for the room MI-5076-638F
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Stephen Ablett
None of it made any sense. 
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Here's a general hint for all mission creators: Provide lots of hints, gradually helping people to discover the solution. The last hint should always include the solution code.
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Dan Austera

From a team that has done 50+ escape rooms IRL with a 100% escape rate, as well as every escape room board game on the market... we are stuck on phase one. We figured out the vertical series to determine what the ? should be, but we cannot figure out how you expect us to derive the number equivalents for the symbols?  There is no determinable pattern from left to right that would help determine the values of the symbols.  
We tried using the formula to determine the symbols, but that doesn't work either, because if ∞+55 equals one of the ? values, it would have to be either the 85 or the 60, but then subtracting 19 from that would not equal any of the other ? values, since those are all increments of 5. 
I'd recommend re-visiting your mission, as it is not intuitive enough. 

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Victor Akamine
Ok Hello everyone! So eveybody is getting stuck in the first phase of the when I was doing it..I though that everybody was going to notice it so fast but seems here is a little hint...”for the phase 1” try to look for the board with the numbers from up to down or down to might notice that the numbers follows a doing it you will be able to figure out what is the number that represent the “?” for each symbol....then you will be able to solve the math equation..
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Dan Austera, sounds like you are overthinking Phase 1.  Symbol=?
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really enjoyed!! took really quick though
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Spoiler ahead!

We figured out the last one without solving the top row. Is it a red herring? What code is supposed to be drawn out of “N>S>N>E>W>E=?+10.000” 
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Victor Akamine
For those who completed it...congratulations,for those who is sill confused..good lucky!
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Ivo Bühler 
We made it! 
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