Become a member of the OSS in WWII hunting a leak.

You will need pens, paper, and access to the internet. 


This is my first attempt at making an escape game. Let me know if you have any problems or suggestions. 

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Emiel Kort 
Tried, good puzzles and print material. but hard to solve.
Didn't finished the game and gave up becasue of time.

Ph 1. Lucky guess helped us out
Ph 2. Good one! Solved
Ph 3. Didnt solved
Ph 4. Out of time didnt tried further.
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Sarah Schuyler 
Ph1- Good one, figured it out
Ph2- pretty straight forward
Ph3 & Ph4- Tried so many options, couldn't ever get the correct answer- after hints I still don't know why the answer is what it is
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Really enjoyed it! was very hard though - ran ut of time, but continued anyways and finished 8 min late.
Ph1: very good really enjoyed
Ph2: easy. really enjoyed
Ph3: couldnt figure it out. had to use the clues, but didn't really help. still dont get why the answer is so
Ph4: got, but late and found the code quite farfetched and random.
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Anna Zellhofer
Really enjoyed solving the phases
Ph3&Ph4 are really tricky
Ph3 Hint POX=morse
Ph4 key word repeat itself
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