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We're excited to launch this forum – we know that many of you created thrilling missions, for parties, events and in the classroom. This is the place to let everybody know about them :-)



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“Hello, Escape Team members. Allow me to introduce myself to you. I am Mr. Bishop, the notorious spy. Does it seem pompous to refer to oneself as notorious?  Perhaps, but I digress.”

“I'm sure you are aware of the attempt to
steal my top-secret plans by an Escape Team
much like yourself just last week. I use the
word attempt deliberately, as they most certainly did not succeed. In fact, all four members of the Escape Team were captured. Now Abby, Brian, Chad, and Denise are in my... custody. “

“Let me be clear - I will not tolerate further interference from the likes of you. Sadly, while I prefer a more peaceful remedy to most situations, this may require a more... forceful reprimand. All four have been locked individually in rooms slowly filling with water. You have but 30 minutes to enter the correct door codes for all four doors to free each of them, before they perish.”

“I have provided your team with a generous cache of information. Click the hyperlink to access the file.  After you print it, enter mission code MI-5AF4-43F0 to begin. Should your fellow Escape Team members perish, there is no one to blame but you.”
-Mr. Bishop

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”It seems I’ve already thwarted you with a file that required a key.  Ha ha ha!   Ha!   Ha?”

“Sigh... try the one below instead Escape Team.”

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Byron Hamilothoris
wow! beautiful thanks a lot!
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Stephen Ablett
This is a great mission that should be part of the main course. However the bank notes on the paper I could not print as the printer refused due to printing money. May need to update the template by removing the idents on the notes. But I loved all the puzzles, especially the world map one!
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Dan Austera
Just printed this off, and Im looking forward to giving it a try this week!
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just tried it, but found it too easy! took about 10 min. loved the map - was simple, but took time and you must work methodically, but the other phases where too straightforward
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