Here is my first attempt at an Escape Team mission.
Mine is mostly based around riddles and won't require you to cut or fold the paper.

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

The mission code is: MI-8D1A-AC7F

Good luck,

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It is too hard and the clues are not that helpful. 
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Hi, thanks for the feedback. Did you get through the whole mission? If not, tell me which phase you were stuck on and I can change the hints to be more obvious. 
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I changed the hints to help you out. I also made it so the 4th hint gives you the answer, that way you won't get stuck on a phase for too long.
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Ivo Bühler 

Thank you for the riddles.
phase 1, was easy with the First hint.

phase 2, With the last Hint ok.

phase 3, not the kind of riddle i like (too much searching in an „open field“)

phase 4, we found the numbers but still don’t understand the order.

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was a good game
phase 1 was really nice - an easy start
phase 2 was good - liked the play on words, but we wasted alot of time till we understood the hint...
phase 3 - too open ended - order was easy to mix up
phase 4 - we got the numbers, but not the order. didn't understand clue 3 at all
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