Victor Akamine
Hello everybody,I would like to thank you all for playing my missions “The Bomb” and “Temple Of Pharaoh”.Thank you for telling me your thoughts and giving me an feedback,but this time I would like to tell you that I took a long time to prepare a little surprise for this summer!!
Yes! New missions coming to Escape Team with brand new puzzles,new solutions and harder than before,but the difficulty will depend of each mission.

- Magical Land
- Theater Escape
- Metro Fear
- Prison Break
- Divided
- Where’s The Party At? (Early Access)
- Plaza Hotel

Are you excited for it?
Experience a little bit of the new Summer Pack I am going to release soon!

“Where’s The Party At?” [DEMO MISSION] from “Summer Pack”
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Please, hurry up with the Summer Pack, we are starting to get boared with Corona-Lock-down in Germany... :-)
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did your demo, but really didn't understand it....
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Plankton Schniefel
I did the Demo too. I think IT is really easy! 
Thanks! More please! 🙂 
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Chaim Fleisher
What is the point of the blank paper at the end?
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