• The Ship

    Started by Memes99: Hello, I have created my first Mission here: https://www.escape-team.com/play/MI-F036-6B5B I would like to get some feedback.

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  • Temple of Pharaoh

    Started by Victor Akamine: Your team decided to enter an Temple and find the treasure,when you found it you removed it from the wall and....EVERYHTING STARTED TO SHAKE and you...

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  • New Missions!

    Started by fabianhemmert: Hello, everyone! We're excited to launch this forum – we know that many of you created thrilling missions, for parties, events and in the...

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  • Escape Ellis

    Started by silver teacher: This is the end of the school year. It's time to review what we learned about Ellis Island. Open your copy-books, read the instructions carefully and...

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